Mattress for children bed

Product description

A comfortable and relatively soft place to sleep is quite an important factor in the first years of a child. As we all know sleep takes crucial role in a correct development of a child. It strengthens immune system, develops cognitive functions and arranges information gathered during day. Henceforth, it is good to choose a mattress with optimal parameters and a solid support for your baby. we have several dimensions 100x50, 120x60, 140x70, 160x80 with thickness from 6 to10 cm.


We offer foam, pring-coconut and coconut-foam mattresses. Characteristic traits are high quality of used materials, they are easy to keep clean, lack of toxic ingredients. They meet strict rules of safety standards imposed by EU.


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– 120 x 60 cm

– 140 x 70 cm

– 160 x 80 cm

– 160 x 70 cm

– 200 x 90 cm

– 90 x 40 cm

– 100 x 50 cm



– foam

– coconut-foam

– bonell spring-coconut foam


Mattress thickness:

– 6 cm

– 9 cm

– 10 cm

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